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Scalp Massage Brush

Scalp Massage Brush

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 Wet & dry scalp massage brush removes dandruff and dead skin cells, exfoliates and cleanses your scalp and promotes hair growth. Ergonomic design fits perfectly in the palm
High-quality ABS and silicone materials contain no harmful substances and effectively prevent skin irritation.
The massage brush can be used for men, women, children and pets, also for any type of hair



1. Massage der kopfhaut zur förderung der durchblutung, peeling und reinigen sie die kopfhaut
2. Helfen Sie Kopfschmerzen und täglichen Stress zu lindern
3. Keine Batterie benötigt


1. massage the scalp to promote blood circulation, peeling and cleanse the scalp
2. helps alleviate headaches and daily stress
3. no battery required
How do you use this brush?
While washing your hair, put a suitable shampoo on the wet hair and brush your hair gently until it foams, then move the brush on your scalp for a few minutes.
2. if you feel tired or scalp itching, this massage brush will help you massage the scalp, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and stress, relieve itching. Whether you are at home, in the office or traveling
1. frequent use of this product is good for the health of the scalp, but avoid cross-use
2. keep this brush dry and airy and do not place it in the sun or high temperatures


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